SHUHARI Tech is a software company in Japan that develops iOS and AR applications. We work with clients to conceptualize, design, develop, and launch products to iOS devices for any market. As an internationally focused company, we also help prepare products or services for new markets.


SHUHARI Tech was founded by Tim Isenman, an American engineer and lover of Japan.

Starting Capital: ¥5,000,000


  • Brendan Mulligan - Riot Games M&A, Senior Manager of Business Development

  • Steve Snow - Riot Games, League of Legends, Executive Producer

  • Kajitani Kent - MESON Inc, CEO
  • Executive Profile

    Tim Isenman, Representative Director
    Tim Isenman was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, USA. His career began in 2010, when he received a personal invitation from Cult Classic filmmaker, Kevin Smith, to work with him on his then upcoming thriller, "Red State". After "Red State", Tim was invited to work on the pre-Production of Fox's science education show "Cosmos: A Space Odyssey".

    Early in 2010, Tim was given the opportunity to work in the video game industry, and started working at Riot Games, Inc., in Los Angeles, initially as a Facilities Assistant Temp, which meant work was cleaning kitchen, building furniture, stocking coffee, and delivering food, among other things. Riot eventually created a full-time position for Tim in this role - the first of its kind - and later allowed him to the game development team as a Producer on League of Legends. The was the co-manager of League of Legend's Online Store, which was the gateway for billions of dollars of revenue from around the world. Tim then became responsible for teams that built some of League of Legend's critical infrustructure for Social gameplay, teams that designed and sold in-game content to players around the world that generated revenue on its own in the many millions. Tim's final role at Riot was that of stewarding the game's global "up-time", its availability and stability on servers for people to play games with other players. His specific role was managing the game as it existed in China, partnering with China internet giant, Tencent. Tencent would go on to acquire Riot Games.

    After Tencent's acquisition of Riot, Tim moved to Silicon Valley to try out a career in Venture Capitalism, which didn't last for more than a few months. Tim quickly decided to continue working as a product developer, and worked at several small startups as a product manager before taking a sabbatical, teaching himself programming, and joining Asteroid Technologies in San Francisco to be an engineer on Asteroid's Augmented Reality application editor.

    To fulfill his lifelong hope of living and making technology in Japan, Tim founded SHUHARI to give Japan great products to the people of Japan, and the culture that has had most influence over his life.